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Google Maps blank

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    Matthew MacMillan

    Hi All,

    I LOVE JS 2.0. But for some reason my site does not love the Google Maps builder element.
    Under the Directions (toward the bottom of the page) there should be a google map. (Not to be confused with the image of a google map beneath it.)

    But it’s not showing. Any ideas? What did I do wrong?

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    Jason Bobich


    Does your map element have any location markers? It looks like maybe you set a center point for the map, but no location markers. You need at least one for this to all work. And then you can select for your map center to be that one location marker.

    Matthew MacMillan

    Ok I went back and set a location marker, still no dice. I created a separate page with only the map, in case there was something interfering. Again, no luck. Other ideas?


    Jason Bobich

    Did you figure it out? I’m seeing the map when I look at that page.

    Or maybe you’re having the issue in a specific web browser? I just checked it out in latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and all seems to work as it should.


    Jason – I am trying to put in Matthew’s location in the map. I had a similar experience. It showed a big field of blue instead of the map location. I think what Matthew was saying is that he wasn’t getting the red bubble for the marker.

    Matthew – here’s how I got it to work: 1) Set the Map Center to your address. 75 Cooper Lake Rd SE
    Mableton, GA 30126. This is the address Google gave me in Google Maps, so maybe the SE will help. 2) Then, set a location marker to the same address (be sure to generate the coordinates). Here are screenshots:

    Location Marker:
    Map Center:

    Usually, you can just set a location marker, but for some reason, this address was creating unusual results.

    Matthew MacMillan

    Thank you both for you help on this, I discovered the problem. Or at least isolated it. I’d called a new copy of the themeblvd.js in my child theme, so I could adjust the break point. I must have done that wrong, because when I removed it from the enqueue, the maps began working fine.

    I have so much to learn…

    Thank you again for your help!


    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, that makes sense. So basically you were working with your site and all of the framework’s javascript was broken, which would include processing the Google Map.

    If you’re making javascript customizations, you don’t want to be editing themeblvd.js. This is the framework javascript file and is not meant to be edited, even from a child theme, because it’s quite complex. If you want, feel free to start a new topic about what you were trying to accomplish with that and we can address how to make whatever customization from your child theme.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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