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General: Transferring Test Site Files to Actual Domain

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    Hi there!

    We are about to go live with a new website using Alyeska. We’ve built the test site on a live subdomain for client viewing/approval and will be transferring these site files to the actual domain. Last time we did this (using Akita) all the Builder and Slider Layouts were lost in the process. We then had to quickly rebuild from scratch once the site was live/after transfer and propagation of DNS. Everything else was perfect but this. We followed your directions here – .

    Can you think of anything my IT guys stuffed up/tripped over in the process that might be deleting the Builder and Slider Layouts? Not a biggy but it’d be great not to have to reconfigure from scratch again:) once actual site is live on the real domain.

    Thanks so much – Catie

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    Jason Bobich


    Go back to that article and see my note on Step #2 that I added a couple of months ago. You’ll want to use that tool I link to change your database’s URL’s. I think that that is the reason you encountered your original problem.

    Much of the data in your WP database is serialized. So, if you’re just taking your SQL file or your database and manually changing the site URL on the move (like I showed originally in that article) you will lose some data. A common thing outside of my theme, that is general, is people will lose widgets in the sidebars on the transfer. It all varies depending on specifically what widgets you’re using and what settings they contain. That used to happen to me all the time several years ago and I never knew why.

    Anyway, so make sure when you are changing your site URL in the transfer, you’re paying attention to how you’re actually doing that.


    Got it. Thanks for your prompt response:)


    I just made a move over from my dev to a godaddy hosting. Indeed step # 2 revised does help – I didn’t lose any slider or builder layouts – but I did lose the functionality . I found out that I had to switch the Tablets and Mobile Devices option to no under configurations section responsiveness in the theme options. Saved it, took a look at the site – everything was good. Turn it back to yes and saved, and was back in business. Hopefully you don’t have to go through that trouble. It had me scared…lol


    Hey there Michael – all went smoothly this time:) Phew. So if anyone encounters the same issue follow those steps above to a tee:) Yes – always scary!

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