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Gallery not linking to attachment page?

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    Hi there, I created a gallery at

    but when I click the images, it never brings me to the individual page with only that picture?

    Thanks for your time

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    Jason Bobich


    In your page’s content where you see the [gallery] shortcode, you need to add in for the link to go to the file like this:

    [gallery link="file"]

    Note: There is currently a bug in WordPress starting with 3.5 that does not insert this code properly when you insert a gallery from the WordPress media manager popup window. This doesn’t have anything to do with the theme.


    Hi there thanks for the response. I see they are now linking within a lightbox, but is there a way to get them to link to a seperate page with just the image on the page, but still within our website?

    the reason why I say this is that we want to put these images on facebook, but when users on facebook click the link it displays the images within our website.



    Another thing,

    When I manually go to the media library to get the attachment link, in this case we’ll go with this attachment:

    it automatically brings me back to the gallery?


    Jason Bobich

    To have the gallery link to the individual attachments, you’d just do [gallery] without passing in the link attribute.


    I’m a little confused at what you’re trying to describe the problem is. It doesn’t make sense that the link to a single attachment would be the same as where you’re inserting the gallery, unless you have some sort of conflicting permalinks structure, or maybe you’re using third-party plugin to screw with permalinks?

    Can you setup your gallery without linking to the files so I can see the issue? Right now, you have it setup to link to the lightbox, so I can’t see the issue to fully understand.


    I like the way your Gallery is set-up, did you use a Plug-In?


    hey there,

    no I just used the plugin that you get with the theme. above the text editor you can click the add media button then chose to create a gallery and it automatically formats like that

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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