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Gallery broken in wp 3.5.1

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    // the text is copied from a ticket made for alyska, however the EXACT same problem is in swagger aswell , however , since i’m not allowed to post there, i’ll just copy/paste the ticket here . // Please fixe this

    Hey there – I am using swagger and have been, to date, successfully using WPs gallery to insert a pop up lightbox gallery into a post – with the theme automatically taking care of the pop up lightbox effect when people click on the thumbnails displayed – the code shows [gallery link="file" ids="474,475,221"] – all good.

    Now, when I insert a newly created gallery into a post the image thumbnail links to the image’s attachment page and does not open up the lightbox pop up gallery even though I have “link to media file” selected in WP gallery settings – as per the norm. The code now shows [gallery ids="474,475,221"] – so missing link=”file” in the code suddenly.

    Question is why would it suddenly drop link=”file” from the code when I insert a gallery now?

    The only change is an update to WP 3.5.1. No new plugins. Latest theme version.

    The site in question is in development and password protected. If you’d like to take a look I would prefer to private message details if ok?

    Thanks a bunch:)

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    Jason Bobich


    This is a bug currently with WordPress. It doesn’t have anything to do with the theme. I just tried it on my end and get the same result. They’ve got in trac, so I’m sure it’ll get worked out soon.

    … but realistically, you can just type the link="file" manually in the meantime.

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