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Google Analytics WordPress plugin conflict?

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    Using Barely… theme, my tabs did not work using shortcode. Was very frustrated but then deactivated Google Analytics for WP plugin. And now tabs work/function/look as they should.

    Can other users confirm this?

    This is a VERY well known plugin and probably the best out there for your GA stats, so conflict with this plugin is not cool.

    Is this so? Can you have a look at this. For me I am not sure wich is harder to abandon, the theme or the plugin.


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    Jason Bobich


    Yes, this has been a known thing for a very long time. Let me explain what happens in regards to the theme and this plugin. When the theme outputs the tabs, it has anchor tags that look something like this:

    <a href="#tab1">Tab 1</a>

    The javascript looks at the ID’s referenced in the anchor tags’ href, and uses that to toggle between displaying the tab contents with corresponding ID’s. This is about as basic as jQuery tabs get.

    Now, for whatever reason, this plugin then goes through the content of the page and transforms all of these anchor tags’ URLs like this when WordPress outputs the HTML markup for the page:

    <a href="">Tab 1</a>

    … This then breaks the javascript of the tabs.

    While the theme does give you an analytics option to include your code from Google very quickly, I do understand why you’d want to use a plugin like this one that gives you more features, and it is a cool plugin.

    Maybe in the javascript for the tabs, something could be written as a workaround, but the real question is why would a Google Analytics plugin be filtering the content of the page after shortcodes have been rendered and transforming URL’s on the page? I can’t imagine this side effect is intentional by the plugin.

    Or is it posible this is some kind of setting on the plugin somewhere you can turn off? It’s not one I personally use, so maybe that’s the case; I’m just not sure.


    THanks for your answer. Did not know it was a known problem. So I will actually post to the author. Can I include your anwer here?

    To be honest I never used the theme included GA option. Is this a site wide solution, and will it cover basic analytics?

    Or, can you recommend another plugin for GA that is tested with your themes?



    Jason Bobich

    Sure you can quote me if you want.

    And the way the Analytics in the theme works is pretty straight forward. When you setup a Google Analytics site profile, at the end, they give you a code snippet that they tell you to copy and paste into your website’s source code. Just copy that snippet, go to Appearance > Theme Options > Configuration > Analytics in your WP admin, and paste it in. Then, you’ll have all the features of Google Analytics throughout your entire website that you’d view from

    In other words, there’s really nothing specific to the theme that is happening. Google gives you the code to put in your website, and the theme gives you a place to put it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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