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Funky formatting when viewed on mobile

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    When I view the site on a mobile phone, one image in the footer, the text in the simple sliders, some of the page images, and inside some of the buttons are not aligned well. The text covers up the slider images and its difficult to see the image and text. The text in some of the buttons is off center.

    Also, on the “rentals” page, the phone number font is in a completely different color than the desktop site.

    Is there a trick to making this responsive theme align correctly and not chop site contents off when viewed on mobile?


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    Jason Bobich


    Unfortunately, this is just sort of the reality of what you’re setting up. You’re attempting to create a very complex page of content, and then we’re trying to get that to display also it on a narrow, mobile device. In order for this to happen, we need to shrink down and stack elements, thus changing the size and alignment of elements.

    Looking at your site, I would say most looks fairly nice on mobile, and I as would expect. But if you end up with something you feel is truly not able to get your message across on the mobile device — One thing you can do is hide and show certain elements and/or sections based on the device viewport. You can do this with the “Responsive Visibility” option within the Display Options of elements and sections.

    So, for example: You might create a section of elements and set the entire section be hidden on mobile and tablets through the section’s display options. Then, create another section with the same information in a more simplified way, and set that section to be hidden on desktops.

    Also, on the “rentals” page, the phone number font is in a completely different color than the desktop site.

    This is a feature of your mobile phone. Some mobile browsers take anything resembling a phone number on the current website you’re looking, and transform it into a link that can be tapped to lead to a phone call (iPhones work like this, for example). Thus, the text of the phone number on your phone becomes the color of links on your website.

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