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framework v2.2.1

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    Hi – I just saw on the website that the Theme Blvd framework is up to v2.2.1
    I just bought and downloaded Jumpstart v1.0 and opened the themeblvd.php in the framework directory and saw it showed version v2.2.0

    Should I be using v2.2.1?

    If so how can I update?


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    Jason Bobich


    This is just getting ahead. The most current version is v2.2.0. Jump Start 1.0.1 will contain v2.2.1 and this hasn’t been released just yet.


    ok – thanks for the response. Will the new release remove vendor prefixes from css? Or is that a Bootstrap 3.0 thing only?


    Seems to me Bootstrap 3.0 progress bar has moved a lot lately 🙂

    Not sure how updated Bootstrap is on prefixes but Mozilla have removed lots last months, check And they do not support older versions. As one of their dev. said “Your move webkit!”. Webkit is the worst. Operas “-o” is also getting old for obvious reasons.

    Must not rush things as can be seen from this devs. oopsy but prefixes for most common stuff is actually gone now.

    Probably the least to worry about looking at that changelog but fluffy CSS is not a benefit to anyone. May be to those who hate it and want LESS/SASS, heh.


    So is there an easy way to see whitch framework is currently used in the different themes, other than asking here?


    Never mind. Found it.
    FTP: framework/themeblvd.php
    Admin panel: Theme Options, scroll to bottom.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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