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Footer Menu

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    Ok, this one is probably very very simple and I’m probably staring right at it but I’m at a loss. On the theme preview page there’s the copyright info on the left ((c) 2012 Alyeska 2 – Web Design by Jason Bobich) and on the right site there’s a small horizontal menu with Terms, Privacy Policy, Sitemap, Contact Us.

    I essentially want to add that same thing to our footer. Though I suspect what might have happened was that someone edited out the original code while modifying the theme as there are a couple of us working on it. At any rate, if you could let me know how to add that I’d greatly appreciate it.


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    Jason Bobich

    You just need to go to Appearance > Menus, create a menu, and apply it to the “Footer Navigation” location.


    Wow, I knew it was right under my nose. That did the trick! The confusion was with another menu plugin I have going so it had pushed that option further down. At any rate, thanks again for the help! I’ll try to look harder next time, haha.

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