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"footer" area (below the 'Copyright Text' area)

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    I’ve two things here:

    Item #1) An area below the ‘Copyright Text’ area (within Theme Options -> General Options) USED TO display an image on each page of our website, but the url to that image is no longer valid. Due to my lack of knowledge of Alyeska (and, to be sure, my neophyte level of knowledge of WP; see “Item #2” below) I cannot find where the code is found within Alyeska to make the appropriate change. Will you, please, Jason, direct me to the code area to fix this problem? Our website is found at OC Sports and Wellness

    Item #2) What references would you recommend for me to get up to speed with respect to working comfortably with Alyeska? That is, is it my lack of WP knowledge or perhaps my not having familiarity with Alyeska and its inner workings that keep me from finding the area(s) of code referred to above? THEREFORE, which area(s) should I be spending time learning: WP or Alyeska?

    I’m frustrated because I’ve accepted the responsibility of maintaining an already-build WP site that is using Alyeska. I know HTML & CSS fairly well, yet am having a heckuvatime navigating (read: finding blocks of code that reside within sections/widgets(?) so that I may readily repair things like Item #1) … any support/direction you can offer (or someone else reading this post) is hugely appreciated.

    (Again!) … Many thanks to you, Jason, for your professionalism and diligence in supporting your Themes!


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    My mistake, Jason!

    The link was accidentally entered wrong! It should be

    :-/ … Glen

    Jason Bobich

    You’re actually using a really old version of Alyeska that’s long past being supported any more. I feel like we’ve talked about this at some point, but can’t remember. Anyway, you’re truly going to continue to have problems moving forward with this version. So, I’d think about grabbing the latest version at some point in the future and having a look at the documentation that comes with the new version.

    In this case, there’s no feature in the old version of the theme (I don’t think) that would allow someone to put anything where you have that broken image. I’d say most likely the old person working on the site manually hardcoded the image in footer.php of the theme? Maybe you can start there.


    Yes, Jason, I do recall us talking about my using this older (unsupported now) version. I simply forgot to do the upgrade as I had just taken over the site. I have the new version (downloaded in Dec 2012, I believe ) and will make the transition (do the upgrade process) now! 🙂

    … AND JUST NOW, buggers, I’ve somehow screwed up the entire site by enabling “commentary”(???) and cannot, do not know how to, turn the commentary off – answered the phone and lost my place. cr@p. Jason, here’s the first sentence of wording that appears on all pages of the site ( This is your global header, which is controlled by header.php. …. etc … … sheesh!

    Hope YOU’RE having a great night!


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