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FontAwesome fix for Opera Mobile

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    Not sure of details but I can confirm there are issues with that font. Does not show. Check in Opera Emulator


    And it works, simply rename font 🙂

    New problem:
    FontAwesome guy wont fix this

    For more info search “issues” for Opera. I am not sure of Opera Mini and there is something about which OS as well.

    I can guess why dev wont fix. Change of name is super simple for new setups. What about sites where old is used? People might have used this here and there and then have to redo. Cant have 2 font names doing the same. So not possible to fix for all so he go in lalalala mode. I doubt Jason will either.

    If important load of font will have to be deregistered, file moved to child theme, edited, then loaded again. So fix sucks a little anyway. Webkit might be real fix, heh.

    Has nothing to do with recent Jump Start update btw.

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