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Floating Widget being replicated

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    This is a problem similar to one I have seen. I have a portfolio page on which I have assigned multiple floating widgets – initially 3 per row.

    I discovered the third widget on the 3rd row was being replicated on the 4th row in all three positions. I then added a floating widget to the 4th row 1st position. That new widget appears on my portfolio page but the replicating ones now show up in all three positions on the 5th row. A floating widget I tied to the 4th row second position does not show

    I am completely at sea as to what is wrong. In a word – H E L P?

    If my WordPress information I sent earier via the private info link when I thought I was piggy-backing on the similar does not show up, I can resend.

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    Jason Bobich


    All right so I’ve looked at your admin via the login info you submitted. But I’m not seeing where anything is different on the frontend, that doesn’t match up to what you’ve setup in the admin. I went through the first few rows, and I matched each widget area you created, to what you selected in the builder, to what widget you added to it.

    But the way you’ve chosen to set this up is enough to drive anyone crazy with all the widget areas you’re creating. I honestly think you’re just getting mixed up with all these widget areas you’re creating, which is totally understandable. And aside from the level of confusion it adds, having all those as widgets requires much more server resources when the page loads.

    It seems like you’re using the widget areas so that you can use JetPack’s Image widget? But that’s pretty easy to do without a widget, as you’re just creating a linked image with a caption. You can select “Raw Content” for the column, and then just do this:

    <h3 class="wdiget-title">CD Review</h3>
    [caption align="alignnone" width="205"]<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" /> Title: Shadow's "Ecstasy"</a>[/caption]

    I setup this in the first column of the first row so you can see how I did it and what it looks like.

    Another approach that might actually look a little nicer is set all this up with the theme’s post grid system:

    (1) You can install this plugin, (2) then create a “portfolio item” post for each item in your portfolio. And finally you’ll simply add a “Post Grid” element to your custom template and set it to pull portfolio items. (3) From your theme options page at Appearance > Theme Options > Content > Post Grids, you can configure how you want post grids to display (for example, you may want to hide the “Read More” buttons that lead to the single post, as you just want people to click the image link to the PDF’s).

    Then for each post, you’ll (1) add a featured image, which will be your image for the item. (2) Then under the Post Options for the individual item, you’ll set the featured image link to link to its PDF file. (3) It might also look nice to add a little description for each in the content of the item.

    But I would try to come up with some approach where you’re not having to manage such a mess of widget areas. Also, if you do change methods, make sure you delete those widget areas at Appearance > Widget Areas because those just existing does add extra load time on your site.

    Does that help?


    Thank you Jason for saving me from myself.

    I’ started this project a while ago (measured in years) and had forgotten how or why I did certain things so I tried to just continue. I’ve since re-read enough of the documentation and seen enough of the videos to know I am going with the theme’s post grid option. It offers the most flexibility I think.

    I appreciate the lightening fast response too.

    Yes, this helps . . . immensely!

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