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Flexslider, Chrome, touch events…

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    Noah Kuhn

    Got bit by a weird Flexslider bug today when several members of my client team couldn’t use a Flexslider slider. The next/previous buttons did not work.

    Did some troubleshooting and realized that the version of Flexslider you ship with Jumpstart has an issue with touch screens and Chrome.

    I overrode your enqueue of Flexslider to the latest version (2.5) and the problem went away.

    Do you mind looking into this and hopefully bundling the latest version of Flexslider going forward?

    Thank you.

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    Jason Bobich


    Sure, I can add it in for the v2.1.0 milestone — I want to put it off until then because I have a feeling it won’t be a simple matter of updating the script. I’m worried there will be side effects, as Flexslider is used quite a bit in different ways.

    And if you run into anything else not working since enqueueing the updated Flexslider script, feel free to post and let me know.

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