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flexslider api in

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    Hi – is it possible to move the flexslider api into the


    section where it should be instead of the



    From everything I know about SEO you shouldn’t have long javascript in the middle of your


    content – plus it seems to make it load slower than other sliders that put it in the


    section ( like Woo Slider).

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    Jason Bobich


    I would personally disagree with both points, however I totally understand that everyone has their opinion. — If you checkout the source of our Theme Blvd Sliders plugin, you’ll see everything is hooked, and so theoretically making the adjustment you want is possible. However this would be a pretty heavy customization you’d need to make from your own Child theme or plugin.


    ok – thanks for the reply. The page does load faster with the new update of the slider plugin.

    I will read through the google webmaster docs and forums and see what they say about the seo aspect. From what I’ve read before you should only have clean semantic html between your body tags – have you read different?

    Thanks again.


    Have you checked Googles own source code? Even for “normal” sites like HTML5rocks ? We start with inline style sheet 🙂

    Forget pretty – go for max speed and conditionality – if that is even a word! Throw in some ascii art at top of header.php to make up for it. If you compress HTML it will be spaghetti anyway. What is point of pretty?

    Look up how devs. received new HTML5 way of adding inline CSS, “scope”, Many HATED it, probably still do! – is a step back blah blah. There is an article about this on HTML5rocks, many of comments were negative. Problem is it APPEARS painful/wrong to eyes and old stories of inline being nasty. Same reaction as when you see JS getting spit out mid-page. Is more like smart because it is temporary output. You also want minimal general load right?

    You have same chitchat in WP because of OK to load a script mid page (they go in footer I guess), but CSS files OMG, that is NOT semantic. CSS MUST be in head. Deal is as I think Paul Irish from Google have said “Browser dont give a shit”. If it works, and it does, who cares?

    Soon I think you will see even WP Themes copy what Google performance freaks suggest. Only load what is required – for the VIEW. Conditionality to the max. “Above the fold” and all that. Good for mobile? oh yes. And require much more so may be not for WP so soon, but bleeding edge dev. will do this. A bit like infinite view or what it is called. Lazy loading. Entire site will be like that, at least some parts. Conditional is keyword for everything regarding speed. So seeing this little snippet popping up when needed is only good.

    Only problem with this Flex thing is it give issues with first thing to do on all websites – move jQuery in Footer! Starting with jQuery ifself. Check source code of sites made by “performance” devs. Is old trick but not popular in WP for reasons… Jason will not approve! No one will, but still first thing to do. On your very own.

    If you have a script which demand jQuery in head do not use it. Simple as that. But oops, so how to handle jQuery from Flexslider, mid-page? Will give error as jQuery is not even loaded. So that sucks. If only 1 page or pages/posts you can easily target with conditional tags a fix is to load jQuery in head, for that or those pages.

    Is annoying and here you have reason why so many WP and other devs. ALWAYS suggest head – if even making a public note of this. Silence is gold. Head Is not the best, certainly not performant – but is a hell of lot safer for them to say. 🙂 Will always work and most people will value that 10000 higher than “performance” How it is! I think head should be std. but sooo many plugins could easily hook in to footer instead. For performance, and SEO what ever reasons, check this for everything. Most can be moved to footer with no ugly side effects. Does not make life easier for you, only harder. But you want speedy SEO or not? I would not use SEO term with this. Not right motivation. Is technical activity, not blah blah 😉

    If possible to send init code for Flexslider way down to footer that will be cool though. Because of ALL jQuery in footer 🙂 Should have high priority as to get pushed down as below existing code/scripts. I think I tried once, failed but should have a go again.

    Jump Start is generally very good with this. Not sure what could be improved actually. You can also change everything to your liking. And you will have to because he will never move all jQuery to footer. Dont think he should even if I think way cool. Look up Headjs and such. 3rd party script loaders also part of this conditional stuff but I hve found they works horribly with WP. Good luck with “async” “defer”, sometimes useful, mostly hmmm., Just move stuff to footer the normal WP way, best and safest you can do. Even dev. of Headjs have said that. Does matter and is relatively low hanging fruit.


    Found the quote from Paul Irish, thing is Validator complain regardless of what you do 🙂

    The validator will bitch at you if you have a style elem outside of the head. Scoping isnt supported and you should NOT do it for validation reasons, it has very explicit meanings in HTML5 and WebKit is soon landing support for it.

    Browsers, on the other hand, don’t give a shit about where your style elements are. So feel free to put them where you have to. (Assuming you have a good reason to put it outside of the head… which I’m curious about..)

    Anyway, yet another example of how the validator does not reflect the reality of browsers. 🙂

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