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finding the .php file to correct

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    Hello Jason,

    I am trying to delete a line that somehow creeped into the code: It reads I am inspecting the element with firebug but can’t find which php file to correct the alien code in. I should get some clues from ‘header’ ‘custom header’ but I find myself scanning through many individual .php files without any luck.

    Could you please help?

    Thank you,


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Marije,

    That would honestly be pretty hard for me to tell you where that’s coming from because it looks like it’s being inserted through WordPress’s wp_head() function — meaning it could be coming from any plugin. I think that is essentially the idea behind the people that do these attacks, essentially making it very difficult to find it.

    The much, much more important issue is how this has been able to happen. Code doesn’t just “creep” in there, lol right? This means somehow, your hosting has been compromised. I would contact your hosting customer support right away.

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