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Finding & Downloading an older version of Alyeska

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    Hi Jason!

    I’d like to download an older version of Alyeska (v1.13) which I have been working with for almost a year now. That v1 Alyeska Theme was purchased by the person who originally put together the website I have taken over. I’d like to download the latest (and last) version of Alyeska’s version 1 (v1.1.4 ) – to update v1.1.3 and to have a pristine copy of the last version “just in case” I blow something away by accident.

    FYI: Just moments ago I wanted to update the Alyeska Theme and did so, but mistakenly uploaded v2’s latest update – not thinking and definitely not reading the note you have that explains that v1 and v2 are not the same. (I definitely recall reading the caveat some time ago when I went to update the version of v1 that I have been working with since before summer 2011. BUT I had forgotten the details. I should have read it again!) ! … and, WOW was I shocked to see all the site’s content missing! …

    I eventually re-uploaded the “Alyeska” folder (v1.1.3) that I have on my local system and the website reappeared correctly and intact! PHEW! :-p

    So, how *does* one download an older version of Alyeska? (especially since it was not me who originally purchased it for the business whose website I am now maintaining!)

    Again, I DID purchase v2 and downloaded it, but have not put one iota of time into working with it since it was purchased. Frankly, I did not realize it was so different. (I had originally intended to use v2 as a copy to run trials on/with. Again, I’ve not used it at all and will keep it for a project yet to be determined – when I have time for my own site. Meanwhile I keep working for others!)

    I appreciate your help. Glad your business is growing! I like your work (and work ethics), Jason.

    The Best to you,

    Glen Gilbert

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    OOPS …that first sentence should read:

    “I’d like to download an older version of Alyeska (v1.1.3) …”

    Jason Bobich


    Will v1.1.4 work? It’s already in your download package you got from ThemeForest. In the main ZIP file there’s a folder called “archive” and you’ll find it in there. If v1.1.3 works, then most likely v1.1.4 should also, as there’s not much difference.


    Yes, that seems to have done what I wanted – returned the website to behaving like it’s been created using version 1 of Alyeska.

    Now I’ve a GIANT problem! … at the bottom of the home page, where there was three columns of text (within the three widgets – Homepage Column #1, Homepage Column #2, Homepage Column #3 – there exists nothing now. Effectively, the content that was there is now not showing. All other pages’ content, images, links etc are intact and working. It’s just this homepage area that’s frakked.

    I’m unfamiliar with (have not worked on this wordpress website for a couple of months) where to find the files, the content of the Homepage Columns, within Alyeska so that I may replace the three columns’ text. I’ve a backup from August (using WPB2D – backs up to Dropbox) but need to know where to find the text that existed in the three Homepage Columns. Can you help? :-/ … I’m frazzled!

    Thanks for your reply (the one I’m reply to here, and the one coming!)

    The Best to you, Jason. Thanks!


    Jason Bobich

    These are just widgets. The data is stored in your database, and not located in any file of your WordPress install. You go to Appearance > Widgets and put whatever widgets you want into those columns. It’s possible when you were switching things around, WordPress just made them inactive.

    If you’re lucky, the widgets (how you had them configured before) maybe still be available down in the “Inactive Widgets” section of the page. If so, you can just drag them back to the widget areas. If not, you’d need to obviously reconfigure the widgets.


    YESSSSSSSSSSSS … the content of each is preserved within the “Inactive Widgets” section!

    Thanks for ALL that, Jason!!!!!!!!!

    Most sincerely appreciative,


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