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Featured Image in Layout builder

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    Johanna Heath

    In the layout builder you it is possible to include the Page / post title in the heading, using %page_title%.

    I am trying to create a generic layout for posts, and would like to be able to add the feature image in the same way as the page title. Is there a way of doing this?

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    Jason Bobich

    This will be a customization you’d need to make from your child theme in order for this to be possible. You could possibly create your own Layout Builder element that just pulls the featured image for the current post.

    If you wanted something in a content block like %thumbnail% or something, you’d have to filter that in. There’s a filter “themeblvd_the_content” that is applied to many areas of outputted content from the Layout Builder. That might be a logical filter to attach a function that uses something like PHP’s str_replace to just do a replace of that %thumbnail% key with grabbing the featured image.

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