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External page swapping link

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    Matthew MacMillan

    Hi all,

    I’ve set up a page build pulling content from an external page. I would like to place a menu in the left sidebar that changes which external page (content) is being displayed in the main content area WITHOUT doing a full page refresh (a la ajax?). Is this possible?

    Basically, the functionality would be something like left tabbed content, but wouldn’t load content until the link is clicked.

    If this is possible, I would be the happiest not-quite-dev in all the world.


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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Matt,

    Apologies, but there’s just no feature in the theme that would bring you close to accomplishing this, I don’t think.

    The closest thing I can think of would be to use the “Tabs” element in a custom layout with content from external pages for each tab’s content. This would allow you to swap between content of pages within the current page. Maybe with a bit of CSS customization, you could get the tabbed navigation positioned to the right or left of the content, opposed to sitting on top.

    Matthew MacMillan

    Ok, thanks Jason. I’ll report back if I figure out a way to do this. It would be fun, no?

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