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Export WordPress site with theme content and settings

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    How should I do about exporting my sites content, theme and settings?

    I know WordPress has it’s own export tool, but it won’t export theme customizations/settings.

    I want to produce an xml file with the sites content, theme, settings, etc. just like the xml files that are provided in the sample-data. Did you use a specific plugin to achieve this?


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    Jason Bobich


    I do have a plugin that generates those files in the theme for me, but it’s a specific system setup for the theme demos to work with in our private setup. Not really for the public, I’m not quite sure how it’d work for you without having to hack the theme. But if you’re a PHP developer, from looking at my code, you could probably come up with your own system to do something custom for yourself.


    Do you have the Theme Blvd Importer plugin installed? It’s one of the recommended plugins when you install the theme. This allows you export/import your theme options from the bottom of the theme options page.

    Then you can pretty much get everything else from from the default WP export/import except for little settings like menu and frontpage assignment settings, which would take a few seconds to set after importing.

    Then, I guess you’ve got widgets, too, which you’d need to setup again manually, which could put you back 5-10 min, depending on how crazy your setup is for that. But all custom layouts and custom widget areas will import through default WP tool.


    You could look into a plugin like Backup Buddy. It allows you to make copies of WP sites and import them.


    You can just transfer your site manually, which will just take basic knowledge of working with your web hosting.


    Thanks for the quick reply!

    I’m trying to move my site from domain and host to a different domain and host, so I originally tried manually migrating the site, but kept having issues with switching the domain.

    I was able to get to a good place on my new host/domain by importing the sample-data I started with had started with on the old host/domain, an export of my theme options using the Theme Blvd Importer, and the standard/default import/export function of WordPress.

    I’ll have to update/edit some stuff manually like you said, but your advice worked well!


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