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Edited my functions.php now I can't log-in.

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    I love Alyeska theme by the way, amazing job!
    I have my site set-up with a child theme via your tutorial. in the beginning I was having this issue where my wordpress address and site address would be set to, but would magically revert my homepage back to causing to link to a themeless stock posts page. I was able to fix it once by setting the site address to and then setting it back to But this recently wasn’t fixing it. So I decided to try this fix I found online at
    to add the code below to the top of my functions.php in my child theme using WP editor. After doing this, I checked the site and it was still not linked correctly, so I went back into WP editor and deleted the new code and re-saved. Well, when I did this it showed red errors, logged me out and wouldn’t let me log back in. So I then decided to try and load the stock functions.php from the child theme zip file through FTP overwriting the edited one. Now, After doing this, I am able to gain access to my admin panel on a browser that hasn’t been logged on before. If I close the window and try to log back in, it denies me again. Until I wipe out all of my cookies, etc using CCCleaner. Then it will let me log-in again. The funny thing is now my homepage is back to the original with no issues. Weird…
    Did I mess up my funcitons.php file? How can I get it back to being able to log-in more than one time without wiping cookies? I know this is a tough story to follow.
    Thanks so much for your help!


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Brandon,

    I’m sorry but I honestly have no idea. I have never heard of such an issue. It sounds to me like you have some very strange issues resulting from how your hosting and the configuration of your web server is setup. Have you spoken to whoever manages your server and WP install?

    Also note that typically, this is how you’d override the site url in a WordPress install. In your wp-config.php you’d set the constants manually —


    I’ve always thought of this more as a troubleshooting technique, and not something you need to do long-term.

    On a sidenote, in the code you posted, I notice that you’re missing an apostrophe on the end of first line, which could definitely cause a PHP error depending on how your server is configured.

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