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Difference Between Nivo and Standard

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    Hi Jason,

    Are there any discernible differences to the end-user between the Nivo and Standard slider beside fade options? Just curious. Trying to convey to my arts students which they may want to use. I may style out one differently for them, though, so that would make a difference. Any other suggestions as to why one would use Nivo over Standard?

    No hurry.


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    Jason Bobich

    I would say the whole appeal of Nivo is how the slider transitions. The standard slider is just a simple slide or fade, but the Nivo slider comes with all sorts of different cool, transition effects. That’s really the main difference. — If you were going to use the Nivo slider, and set it to use the standard “fade transition, it would be pretty pointless to use.


    Exactly. Thanks! I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something. 🙂

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