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demo upload issue

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    Michelle Williams

    Hi, having trouble uploading the demo after more than 5 times of watching all starting vids.

    Could it be connected to other plugins I installed? I installed and activated a cache plugin recommended by siteground.

    Screen shot:

    What else could I be missing?


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    Michelle Williams

    here is more info on my demo import issue. I can’t figure out how to add it to my previous email to ask for help. urg.

    I reinstalled wordpress AGAIN, went through all steps to install, select theme base, save theme options. I want demo 5 and I did install the entrepreneur theme base for it.

    When I get to importing the demo, here’s what I get:

    My site is

    The frustrating thing here is that I had successfully installed a different demo a few days ago, then decided to change it. After having no luck, I reinstalled wordpress from my cpanel at siteground, and I have not been able to install the new demo since.

    I am working from a child theme of Jumpstart. I only have the child theme activated. I have installed all plugins that you recommend with my theme base except for woo commerce, though this was installed before and did not help with getting the demo to run.

    Jason Bobich

    Hi Michelle,

    Don’t worry, these are really common issues you’re running into. I’m sure if you search here in the forum, you’d find several people with the exact same problems. It’s nothing really to do with the theme, but just trying to use WordPress importer tool to import so much content, on limited web hosting. This is a reason why it’s better to work with these demo imports on a local environment, where you can experiment and just see how everything is setup.

    When I get to importing the demo, here’s what I get:

    So, this screenshot doesn’t really tell us much. The messages in this screenshot are just telling what’s being skipped because (1) you don’t have WooCommerce installed and (2) certain media items you’ve already imported. But this is all not really relevant to anything.

    In reality, you’re kind of flying blind here, and so this is a lesson in just general WordPress troubleshooting. When you’re having problems, and you’re in development stages, you want to turn on WP_DEBUG.

    Now, hopefully when your WordPress import tool stops, it’ll actually output a relevant PHP error onto the screen, that tells you why this is happenning.

    It’s most likely going to tell you something about your server. I’ve seen this be a simple PHP memory error with several customers. If this is the case, then you simply need to increase your allowed PHP memory to WordPress. This can be done in your site’s wp-config.php, which is the same place you turned on WP_DEBUG.

    Other notes:

    1) If after all this, you still can’t get it to import and your hosting is just too limited, as a last resort you can just uncheck the box that says to “Import media attachments” when running the import. This will almost surely get the import process to work, except for that none of your posts will have featured images. So you can get a general idea of how everything works, but it won’t be 100% complete.

    2) You don’t need to select the theme base for a demo import. If the import process is able to finish without being interrupted, this will be set for you.

    3) If you do figure out why the import is breaking, you may have better luck to wipe WordPress again and do it fresh. One particular annoyance about WordPress’s import tool is that the main menu will keep merging into itself every time you do the import again and again. So, if you did the import five times, your main menu can end up having each individual menu item five times.

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