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default menu dropdown alignment

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    Hi Jason,
    I’m stumped.
    I’ve moved my default menu to the header addon location, floated right. Logo is floated left.
    What I want to accomplish are 3 main menu items; say “about”, “all the other stuff”, and “contact”.
    So far so good, no problems aligning the first level via css.
    But what I want to happen is the middle link, the “all the other stuff” link, to drop down centered below the item, instead of offset to the right with the text aligned left. All the second level items will be solo, no third level.
    I’ve messed with the sf menu, everything I can think of or find with no success.
    It’s probably something simple and right in front of my face, but I’m blind at this point.
    Can you give me a push in the right direction?
    And thanks, love Jumpstart!

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Mark,

    The sub menus are absolutely positioned; so really the only way to center them, that I can think of, would be to position them at 50% to one side and then give them negative margin that is half the width of the dropdowns to the same side.

    Something like this:

    #primary-menu > li > ul {
    	left: 50%;
    	margin-left: -100px;
    	width: 200px;

    To be honest, you only need the % left variable, works fine ( at least for my purposes ). Since I’m only dealing with 2nd level and few 1st level links, once I have the 1st level set correctly, it’s easy to move the 2nd level to the left using -%. Hope that made sense, too late and too much of this stuff today 🙂
    Thanks for all the help and great framework.
    Angela and I were talking about a fix for this… she has had success with replaced the default menu with a css menu but I haven’t been able to get the function working correctly, which would be the other solution.

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