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Custom Widget Areas (sidebars) for Top Level Categories

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    I am trying to figure out how to get custom sidebars for my 7 top level categories. I’ve made a builder layout and and 2 custom widget areas for the custom left and right sidebar then I just made a page to be the top level category but as soon as you enter a post it goes to the default layout. I need custom sidebars for 7 top-level categories and I need for those custom sidebars to stay even if they navigate to a subcategory. Any ideas, I must be missing something here. If I can do this without making pages for my top-level categories I would love to…

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    If I can’t do this by default with this theme can someone let me know if the Custom Widget Areas plugin from code canyon will work with this theme?
    Because again I need to be able to set custom sidebars for categories…

    Jason Bobich


    This is not quite what the Layout Builder is intended for. Custom layouts are used for constructing a custom configuration for a single, standard page. These are not meant to be some sort of re-usable template you can apply throughout your site.

    But if all you’re trying to do is get certain widget areas to show on these posts, that’s totally doable. You want to use the theme’s widget area system. Have you checked out the videos series on Widget Areas in your documentation?

    Here’s sort of a written overview of how the system works with links to the videos at the top:

    So, under Appearance > Widget Areas, basically you’d create a custom widget area, apply it the correct location (i.e. Right Sidebar or Left Sidebar), and then add its assignments.

    Within the widget area’s assignments there is one called “Posts in Category” —


    So dumb, I found it about 20 mins after posting this. Thank you VERY much for getting back to me so quickly!

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