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Custom Layouts within tabs

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    Hi Jason,

    I realise this is a big ask, but it would be veeerryyy nice…
    I would like to use the builder to have a page that comprises a series of tabs. I would like the content for each tab to be from external pages. Each of the external pages would be based on a custom layout.

    I have tried it and it doesnt work as the tabs are blank so it looks like the custom layout template isnt being applied
    Thanks, Dean

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Dean,

    This honestly just wouldn’t even be in the realm of possibility with how everything works. In any element when include “content from external page,” you’re just using that page to feed in the content. Anything else on the page, like custom fields, sidebar layouts, page templates, etc, is all irrelevant. What you’re suggesting is to essentially stuff an entire page template within a page multiple times, which wouldn’t really make sense. And if there was some way to generate a custom layout within another element, there would just be so many potential problems the user could run into. The entire system would be too complex.

    But with the framework’s shortcodes, you can realistically do a lot of what you can do in a custom layout. So, in theory you should be able to do quite a bit within a tab’s content.

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