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CSS with WooCommerce Shortcodes and JS2 Custom Templates

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    Sorry, I co-mingled this with our last conversation, so I thought I’d bring it out and see if anyone else was experiencing or trying the same. Is this just an issue on my end, or are others seeing the same?

    I am having CSS issues (with no custom css in child theme yet) with using the ThemeBlvd custom page layout system to make columns, and put one product in each column, in chrome the images are 25% of the normal size. And in Firefox the columns are 3x the width they should be so the 3 column is pushed way off the right of the page, not in view.

    (I can completely write the CSS on my own, so I am not looking for you to write the fixes for me. Just wanted to know that this might need to accounted for in your theme’s woocommerce integration.
    But, it could be completely something I am doing wrong on my end, so……)

    Should I not be doing it this way? I just need to do pages with certain products in certain places with certain orders, etc. Am I not doing something right or am I missing something?

    [product id=”174″] <– just using this shortcode in a column in your template builder.


    Thanks for everything.

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    Jason Bobich

    It’s not WooCommerce, but just grids in general (in certain circumstances that are a little muddy). There were some issues originally in beta-3 with sortable post grids in Firefox. So, there was a fix implemented for it (firefox only) in RC1.

    But after publishing RC1 it was pointed out to me that this “fix” caused other side effects to grids in Firefox, which I believe is what you’re showing me now in the screenshots.

    Since, there’s been a lot of work on Jump Start 2.0 on my end over the last couple of months. The fix for the above issue (which I think was same as yours) came in two parts:

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