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Confusion with Theme Blvd plugins, framework v2.1 versus v2.2

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    Do any of your plugins at: work with this theme. I notice that some require framework 2.2 and the theme only uses 2.1.

    I tried installing your Google map plugin as the functionality of the plugin I was using has gone, but I cannot find where the shortcode for the map. Is it overwritten by the grouped TB short codes?


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    Jason Bobich

    The only plugins that don’t work with Alyeska (currently) are the ones with bold text that say they require v2.2 of the framework on the plugin page. But with all of these plugins, the functionality they provice (aside from recent improvements and tweaks) are already in your theme — Theme Blvd Shortcodes, Sliders, Layout Builder, Widget Areas, Widget Pack — So, there’s no reason for you to install them right now because they are essentially packed in your Alyeska theme already by default.

    In the next big update to Alyeska which will include framework v2.2.1, the functionality all of these plugins provide will no longer be directly located inside Alyeska. You will need to install the plugins to get the functionality back. It’s just all part of a big separation process.

    Note: This will be Alyeska v2.2.0

    In regards to the Google Map plugin, this doesn’t have anything to do with any of this information I’m talking about above. My Google maps plugin is completely independent and doesn’t really have anything to do with my theme framework. There’s no button to insert it. You’d just type the shortcode in when editing your page. You can find a list of parameters you can pass into the shortcode over on the plugin page.


    [tb_google_map address="6921 Brayton Drive, Anchorage, Alaska"]

    Any ballpark idea when the upgrade to Alyeska might happen? Thanks 😀

    Jason Bobich

    No, apologies but I don’t have any kind of date or deadline for this. But as of now, this is my only priority — that being getting all themes up to date and on the same framework version, and getting a website up at that outlines everything clearly.


    Thanks, mate!

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