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Conflict with Jump Start, bbPress, Jetpack

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    Joseph Sellers


    When we updated Jetpack to 3.7 we cannot see the first post in bbPress topics. The first post in a topic is always blank.

    This is only the case when Jetpack, bbPress 2.5.8 and the latest (2.0.1) Jump Start. If any of those change it works as expected.

    I tried this on a test site just to check. See here:

    When I roll Jetpack back to the previous version it works fine again.

    Any ideas?

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Joseph,

    What happens if you disable the theme’s lead topic option? Appearance > Theme Options > Plugins > bbPress > Lead Topic

    Joseph Sellers

    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, the first post in the thread is now visible. However, the styling doesn’t look quite right.

    Any idea why Jetpack would break this?

    Jason Bobich

    All right, so I set this up locally with bbPress and Jetpack and was able to reproduce the same issue. But I’ve found it’s a bug with Jetpack, and nothing to do with Theme Blvd framework. I would consider posting in Jetpack support on and letting them know (it could be fault of bbPress, but I think Jetpack support is generally more responsive).

    I’ll try to give you some more info so you understand the issue and you can describe it.

    So first of course, with any plugin bug, you want to isolate it to a default WP theme. So go ahead and deactivate Jump Start and activate Twenty Fifteen theme, to reproduce the issue and eliminate the possibility of it being Jump Start.

    Now in bbPress there is a filter that allows you to display what is referred to as the “lead” topic. By default this is false. Personally, I think using a lead topic, that stands out from the replies, looks better. And as you pointed out in not doing this, you said “doesn’t look quite right,” which I agree with. That’s why I use the lead topic style by default in Jump Start and here on my personal support site.

    So to reproduce with Twenty Fifteen, just put this anywhere in its functions.php on your site:

    add_filter( 'bbp_show_lead_topic', '__return_true' );

    This will enable bbPress’s lead topic feature on your site, and you’ll see that with simply having Jetpack active, that the lead topic content is empty. That’s your bug, of some kind of conflict between bbPress and Jetpack.

    Joseph Sellers


    Thanks very much for that!

    There is a fix on the Jetpack Github repository which solves this. See here:



    Jason Bobich

    Awesome, glad you figured it out.

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