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Columns – flow of text

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    Is therer a painless way to make the text (in my case the agenda list by an event calendar plugin) to flow across the columns?

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    Jason Bobich


    I honestly do not know what you’re asking.


    Well, what I was thinking about was to have text start in one column of a fixed height, that would then automatically continue in the next column and the next … As for now I need to manually put the exact text into the desired column shortcode, but since my text is generated and not static, it’s impossible to do it like that.

    Hm, how to illustrate this. Lets say I would like to have columns of the height of 4 lines (or x pixles or whatever). What I would like to achieve is to get (imagine this is text):

    1 5 9
    2 6 10
    3 7
    4 8

    without having to put
    [one_third]1 2 3 4 [/one_third]
    [one_third]5 6 7 8 [/one_third]

    manually (which I can’t do anyway, because the text I need to be put in columns is generated and not static).

    I realized when I was writing this, it is way out of the scope of this template. Although it would perhaps make a powerful enhancment if implemented in the future.

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, this would be way outside the scope of theme, unfortunately. There’s just nothing here that could accomplish this. You’d need to completely come up with your own system.

    The column shortcodes just wrap whatever contained content in a div that is then positioned and sized to be that column width in CSS. So, what you’re describing would be taking a block of content and then dividing it up somehow, which just wouldn’t even be in the same realm with what these column shortcodes are doing. If your formula is taking simply the amount of content into account, you may be able to do the process with PHP, but if you’re trying to section it off based on the visual result contained content, I’d think you’d have to come up with something that uses a client-side solution like with javascript.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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