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code being changed in wp editor

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    Hi Jason,
    This isnt a css question… 🙂 so please dont get mad at me.

    I have created a “static” page with a Custom layout. The area in the custom layout is a Content Area and the content source is set to “Content from external page”.

    I am trying to enter some code into the wp editor/post tool and that code is wrapped in a . I can enter it just fine in Text mode, save and publish it and it works. However, if I go back to edit the post and change the tab view from Text to Visual then back to Text the wp editor strips the code.

    Here’s the code as entered:

    Here’s what is left after changing the tab from Text to Visual and back to Text:


    Am I doing something incorrectly?
    Thanks, Mike

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    Jason Bobich

    There’s honestly not much I can tell you there. WordPress just strips (or a better phrase “tries to convert”) any code you’re manually putting in for the visual editor. The issue doesn’t have anything to do with the theme. Try posting on support forums for possibly more advice other than obviously just not using the Visual tab.


    Thank you.
    Happy trails, Mike

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