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Changing "themeblvd_btn_navbar_text"

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    Is there an easy way to put something in the functions file or a plugin to modify the value of the filter in echo apply_filters( 'themeblvd_btn_navbar_text', '<i class="icon-reorder"></i>' ); ? (It is from the display.php file.)

    I know I could move the themeblvd_header_menu_default() function to the child, but I wanted to see if there was something that modified even less code, first.
    Thank you!!

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    Jason Bobich


    You are correct in assuming there is an easier way here. 🙂

    Filters are very important in WordPress development and are going to allow you to modify many things of Jump Start and WordPress in general. Definitely give this article a read:


    function my_btn_navbar_text( $text ){
    	return 'My New Text';
    add_filter( 'themeblvd_btn_navbar_text', 'my_btn_navbar_text' );

    You’re the man!
    I looked through it, but I wasn’t really wrapping my head around it fully. Now I get it. Simple, I love it.

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