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    How do I change the default language from English to Spanish?

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    Jason Bobich


    In the WordPress world, they refer to translating WordPress as “localization” and so this theme comes “localization-ready”.


    This is the complete guide to get you started:

    Specifically to the theme, there is a file called arcadian.po located in the “lang” folder of the theme. You download that file and translate the contents line by line. This process will be easier to manage if you use a program like poEdit, for example. That way you’ll be able to translate the file with a user-friendly interface and not a text editor. Then you save the file with your language code in the file name (ex: fr_FR.po for French, en_BR.po for British, etc). When you do this, poEdit will also create a second file for you with the same name ending in “.mo”. Then you need to upload these two new files back to “lang” folder of the theme on your live site.

    In order for the above process to work, you need to actually have your WordPress site set to be in your language. You do that by changing the language code in your wp-config.php file (which is found in the root directory or your WordPress installation). Here’s a guide on that process:


    Other options?

    If you search around, there are plugins like, WPML or Codestyling Localization for example, you can use that’ll make localizing your site a bit easier by allowing you to do it through your WP admin, opposed to manually messing with PO/MO files.

    And if you’re just looking to quickly translate some of the text strings that appear on the frontend of your site from the theme, you can try our string swap plugin:

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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