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Can't Add Link or HTML Element to Post

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    Hi –

    I am adding a WooCommerce shopping cart to my existing site.

    Previously, I have listed our company’s products on a post-grid page. The new store plugin has its own ‘Store’ page, but my boss would like to be able to add a ‘buy here’ button of some kind on the display products so that they can go to the page where the product is sold. The products are posts and they are grouped in a post-grid page.

    Shouldn’t be hard, right?

    But when I try to add an HTML Button element shortcode, or even a plain html link, to an individual post, it will simply not show up on either the post grid or the individual post when published. If I insert a shortcode, it will not show up at all. If i add a text hyperlink, the link text itself will show up but not as a link.

    I haven’t added the store to the menu yet, but this is the product I would like to link the display product to:

    What am I missing?


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    Jason Bobich


    You know you can display a grid of the actual products that then link through to those products, all with WooCommerce, right? And they have shortcodes for displaying grids of different categories of products you can use in your page.

    Just make sure you’re using our WooCommerce Patch plugin:

    Or is that you just like the look of the theme’s post grid better?

    Specifically with the theme’s post grid, this uses what’s called the Excerpt. In WordPress, the Excerpt is the first 55 words from your post, without any HTML or shortcodes included. Also, Excerpts do not process shortcodes even when manually put in. So what you’re seeing is the expected result.

    If you’d like to put HTML into the Excerpt, you need to actually manually edit the Excerpt for each post, opposed to letting WordPress automatically take the first 55 words.

    Another option — Are you making edits currently to content-grid.php from your Child theme? I was guessing this because I see that the titles are not links in your post grid. If so, you can try changing:

    <?php the_excerpt(); ?>

    To this:

    <?php the_content(); ?>

    Then you’d be working with the actual content of the post directly within each post of the grid.


    Awesome! Thank you – I did not know that about the Excerpt thing. I chose not to have the titles be links because when I first built the site (and we were not selling retail online), I only wanted the posts to be visible as part of the grid and not as individual pages. Each post will have a product duplicate, and the products will be what gets an individual page.

    I want to use the WooCommerce shortcodes but haven’t done that yet. I’d like the Shop page to have a post grid – it adds the products, but so far it seems to be adding them in a list rather than a grid. I didn’t see a Woo shortcode that had a grid, although your TB shortcodes do. Do I use the TB shortcode for a grid on the Shop page? I guess I’ll have to mess with them till I figure out what works – the Woo documentation is a little vague.

    Thanks for the help 🙂 – I will change the content-grid.php file.


    I just remembered that the post-grid is for posts, not products. So using the TB shortcode is not the thing. It’s going to take me a minute to figure out how to work with products as opposed to posts. I’d like to have each post in the Products/categorypage (products/tct-series/ and others ) post-grid link to its corresponding product page with a ‘buy here’ button.


    Just for info for anyone else who may be using WooCommerce – things looked very much better once I enabled the WooCommerce CSS. My workaround (maybe not so elegant but it does what I want) was to simply upload a “Buy” button and use a regular link to link to the product page (because I don’t want to link to the single post.)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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