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Can "Slogan" subscribe visitors to an e-mail list?

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    I need a big, obvious box that says “Subscribe to our e-mail list and download your free e-book!” Something so obvious that visitors can’t miss it. I thought the “Slogan” element would do this but now I see that it doesn’t handle subscribing to an e-mail list. The button just goes to URL, and as far as I can tell MailChimp doesn’t have a landing page to subscribe to e-mail lists. MailChimp provides an API code to widgets that have forms for name and e-mail address. Is there a way to use “Slogan” to subscribe to an e-mail list?

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    I found the MailChimp URL to link “Slogan” to a form to subscribe to my e-mail list. I have a URL for downloading my e-book (from Digioh). Now I’m banging my head against the wall trying to get Digioh to tell me how to integrate their file downloads with MailChimp.

    Jason Bobich


    I’m sorry but I really honestly don’t have an kind of solid answer for you. There’s no kind of feature in the theme that is going to accomplish this for you.

    If you wanted to use the theme’s slogan element, you’d have to come up with something custom, either by linking to some page where you’ve setup a registration form perhaps, or writing your own jQuery from your child theme that maybe targets the button of the slogan with selectors like $(".element-slogan .tb-button") to perform some kind of custom javascript action. You’ve also got the content element, where you could put code from 3rd-party providers, and maybe just style it to be more how you want it to look, visually, with CSS.


    I got it working. The answer was, dump Digioh and just put the e-book PDF on my website. I’d made the process too complicated, and I was paying $15/month on top of that!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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