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Bootstrap Tooltips?

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    I have raced through docs and such but not seen any reference to tooltips from Bootstrap. Also not its bigger brother popover. I have made it to work via jQuery so I guess reason it is not official feature of Jumpstart is because it is rated “meh!” ? May be together with a few others? Not like it has proven to fail for you?

    Better to ask than assume 🙂

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    Aha, Twitter Bootstrap says data API method is disabled per default due to performance issues. So that leaves us with jQuery way of initializing. But how to put that in JS? Not possible except may be a general rel=”tooltip” to make short code button in editor happy, a “tooltip” entry. I am guessing that is why tooltip/popover is not a highlighted feature now I think about it. They will likely be site specific, even selector specific.

    Seems to work fine though.

    Jason Bobich

    Hello Karlo,

    Keep in mind that the theme framework doesn’t really do anything with implementing Bootstrap (as far as JavaScript goes) other than simply including the components for you.

    So, as you pointed out, you’d need to actually run the tooltip jQuery function and attach it to whatever selector you want from your Child theme’s jQuery. If you’re using any of the “sample” child themes, this is all kind of setup for you already with JavaScript file in place and jQuery document .ready() already called.

    As far as actually implementing the tooltip function, it’s not something I’ve played with, but I guess I’m not really seeing the dilemma? Or maybe I’m just misunderstanding you? — You could make your selector anything you want. You could make it a class attached to your anchor or whatever.

    But yeah, I’d say because it’s not activated by default is one of the reasons why I didn’t make any kind of shortcode for it, and I didn’t want to overdo it. When I was going through creating shortcodes, I was trying to pick out things from Bootstrap that were simple and wouldn’t have too many options. The more of extra things I put in by default, I have to make sure they work when I make a new theme, as well. That’s been a real obstacle now creating new themes, trying to accomodate the immense amount of features the framework offers with every theme.


    I understand and there is no dilemma. They work fine but I just had a litle voice saying you left out tooltips and perhaps other minor things because they somehow messed up Jumpstart features. Not the case so great 🙂

    Bootstraps own page is pretty easy to follow so easy enough to deal with for features not suited for point&click in Jumpstart.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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