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Bootstrap grid system and site container width

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    yo johanson

    I look forward to seeing v2 and have enjoyed v1. I also was concerned to lose the developers license but it is not unreasonable to change your terms after a few years since you are offering a year-to-year contract. I know you said you will announce more soon but if your theme is GNU then are all parts of it GNU or are some pieces like images not GNU?

    My feature request is for wider pages – v1 is stuck at 960 and all my clients want support for wider pages – 1024, 1150 or 1200. i understand JumpStart is built on Bootstrap and according to
    “the grid adapts to be 724px and 1170px”
    I see v2 demo has wider pages?
    are wider pages supported in v1 and i just don’t know about it?

    i see this:
    but not sure what it refers to….

    thanks for keeping this great code moving forward. congrats on your wedding also.

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    Jason Bobich


    Thanks for the kind words.

    The documentation you’re linking to is actually for an older version of Bootstrap. Starting in Jump Start v1.2, I updated the framework, carrying through to all my themes out there, to have Bootstrap 3.

    So, this is what you want to be looking at now:

    The grid system is responsive and based all on percentages. And actually since Jump Start v1.0, the grid system has always been setup with percentages.

    Changing the overall width of your site is as simple as just changing the width of the site containers with CSS. So you can take any one of my themes, and with a few lines of CSS, you can make the whole site wider, and everything inside will fall in line.

    In Jump Start v2, the default look is now styled to fit 1200px. This allows us to have another responsive break point. In other words, previously we had styling throughout the site setup like this:

    Mobile: 0px – 767px
    Tablets: 768px – 992px
    Desktops: 993px and above

    Now in Jump Start v2 (framework 2.5), something more like this:

    Mobile: 0px – 767px
    Tablets: 768px – 992px
    Small Desktops: 993px – 1199px
    Large Desktops: 1200px and above

    Jason Bobich
Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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