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Blvd News Scroller widget – Chrome

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    I updated the Blvd News Scroller widget today and it was fine in Firefox but wasn’t working in Chrome. I did the usual with disabling all other plugins etc and then had a look in the forums and found someone else had encountered similar problem here:

    But is that right to do their suggested fix? I have tried it and it’s seem to have resolved the problem in Chrome.

    I Wasn’t sure what advice you were giving in the above forum. Is the Akita Theme due for another release as mentioned here:

    Even though it’s partially I wanted to double check if there is a better resolve.

    Love the Theme and my client is very happy with it too.

    Kind Regards


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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Sean,

    I’m a little confused here, so forgive me if I’m misunderstanding. This topic you’re linking to doesn’t have anything to do with Akita. The entire point there is that the person is not using a theme that is setup properly for sidebars. They’re using a theme from who knows where. None of my themes would have that issue.

    Akita and the news scroller plugin should work fine together, and you shouldn’t need to customize anything. You can see them working together here on the live demo: — Here is the most recent version of News Scroller plugin, Akita theme, and WordPress.

    Maybe you could link me to your site where you’re having the issue?


    Hi Thanks for speedy response.

    I couldn’t find anything in this forum so had a look on the plugin forum.

    I’m using Akita – and when I updated the plugin today it stopped working in Chrome do you think it was just a temp glitch then maybe?

    All seems to be fine now though.

    Jason Bobich

    Yeah it’s looking fine for me in Chrome, as well. I would say when you initially updated, you probably still had the old javascript and/or CSS files cached in your web browser. So, I think you should be good to go.


    Ah Cool. Thanks for looking into it and coming back to me so quickly.

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