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Background video 100%?

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    Matthew MacMillan

    Anyone know how Demo #1 got that super cool full size background video? Is that a javascript special or is that a setting?

    I must have missed the latest demo before they were taken off the download page, because my demo 1 content isn’t the same. Close but no big video piece, so now I’m noodling it out.

    And Jason I hope you are reading this long from now after a very fun and relaxing honeymoon! Congratulations!

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Mathew!

    Nope, sorry you didn’t miss anything. For the final release I’ve revamped the Hero Unit (previously Jumbotron) to have a bunch of new options, including a full screen checkbox. This functionality is not in any of the Jump Start development versions.

    Envato has requested a lot of changes to Jump Start that I’ve been making. And I’ve been pushing changes I’ve been making to the live demos as I progress. So at this point, the live demos aren’t identical to what you have currently.

    Matthew MacMillan

    Ok cool. Can’t wait to see it!!

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