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Amending functions.php to cater for iframe?

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    Hi there, originally posted here but was kindly redirected here,so here I am.

    I’m looking to deploy a store locator to my company’s corporate blog site and the code’s an iframe as this is currently the only option for embedding. I have been provided with the fix to the functions.php which will apparently allow me to get around this issue but I guess I’m initially just seeking confirmation and clarification from the Theme’s author as to whether this is best practice or could possibly expose the site to any vulnerabilities.

    Here’s the site with the code I need to action:

    Any further assistance/advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if you’d like to take a peek at the store locator, you can do so here

    Thanks, Richard.

    p.s Two things I’ve noticed instantly whilst I’ve been here. a) In order to create a new topic post registration AND updating your profile with your Envato license details, you have to log out and back in again before it will happily allow you to create a new topic. b) It would be super to have a ‘preview topic’ option here.. just saves any silly typos etc. as I’m sure like others, we all want to ensure our posts look 100% without having to use an ‘edit topic’ option (if there is one). Apart from those two items which I hope are useful, I’m loving the look n feel here – good job!

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    Jason Bobich

    Hello Richard,

    While you’d be placing this snippet in your child theme’s functions.php, the functionality of it really doesn’t have anything to do with the theme, and shouldn’t interfere in any way. The only thing I can think of is that possibly the iframe’s embedded map will not be responsive? — The example you’re linking to is not. Maybe when you embed your iframe, you’re able to give it a percentage for the width?

    And I don’t see any security risk with that other than the fact that now users can put iframes within the tinyMCE editor. So, the security risk would just depend on what you’re including in an iframe, I suppose. But from the sounds of it, that’s not realistically an issue.


    Thanks for your feedback and reassurance Jason. I’ll give this a whirl next week now.


    p.s you didn’t acknowledge the previous p.s’s but hopefully they were well received?

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