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Akita Responsive – Make it Better!

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    Jason, I really would like to see Akita updadted to the 2.2+ framework so as to be able make use of newest plugins. I would like to create a a custom real estate site better than any Studiopress Genisis AgentPress stie ever seen. I’d like to see with “25”/”50″/”25″ double sidebar layout or better yet complete user configuable options. This theme couild be fantastic rather than “simple” if you’ll improve on it & don’t quit. Please have a look at my StudioPress Genisis AgentPress site here I think what you have could be the very best HTML5 Mobile Ready, WordPress Theme Framework ever and remain on top for years. Btw, there is a very big market for this too, you could make you a lot of money. I spent $47 for your theme and would gladly pay twice that much if you would make it the awesome ready to rock for real estate template available where nothing else even comes close. Like Porsche! My site is an awesome site, I was hoping to build one using Akita at that would be way better. You have a lot of talent Jason and I think this is your best theme to date, come on please make it better make it incredible and I believe you could sell 25,000 copies in 6-months. right now without a doubt AgentPress rules, well supported too but it’s just not good enough! Your Akita theme could be better. I’d appreciate a thoughtful reply. — web developer for well over 15 years.

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    Jason Bobich


    Thanks for you feedback. Akita and all of my themes will be continued to be kept up-to-date and will receive the latest version of my framework. I’m not sure why you’d think they wouldn’t or that I’ve stopped maintaining them.

    But unfortunately I very much disagree with you on a lot of these other points. Maybe you’re right by doing some of these things I could make more sales, but I have certain standards and principles with my themes that I stick to. Packing all of these extra things into a theme is not how I believe a theme should be constructed.

    Honestly I have a lot of things on the horizon, but real-estate themes are not something I’m looking to get into, and I definitely wouldn’t take an existing theme like Akita and then modify it to fit a certain niche like real-estate, if that makes sense.

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