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Akita Image Slider Crop Size

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    Charlie Harper

    Hello and thank you for your time.

    Via the custom.css file I increased my #container to 1024px. I have created all of my image sizes for the builder slider to 1024px. I have changed every single value via firebug regarding the slider adding both width:100%; and width:1024px; alternately for every CSS class or label regarding the slider.

    I have tried using the Theme Blvd Image Sizes plugin. However I get this message when activating the plugin:

    “You currently have the “Theme Blvd Image Sizes” plugin activated, however you are not using a theme with Theme Blvd Framework v2.1+, and so this plugin will not do anything.”

    This plugin worked great for me with a site I created using Jumpstart. However Akita doesn’t play nice and I haven’t seen a update to Akita for this issue. Even though it is listed as a plugin that is usable by Akita on the ThemeBlvd site.

    I have searched this forum extensively for a solution so I appreciate the help. It would be great if I could just use the Image Size plugin. I think in one post is was suggested.

    I downloaded the Akita zip file from Themeblvd again just to see if maybe the time stamps on the files were updated but no dice.

    I have gone through every .php file of Akita looking for the same parameters listed as the API functions for the slider regarding crop size and have seen nothing.

    I want the slider to fit 100% the width of the featured area without a gap on the right. Perhaps there is a PHP solution for my functions.php file to override how it is sizing the images?


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    Charlie Harper


    .standard-slider .media-full img {
    display: block;
    width: 1024px;

    brain = kaboom

    Sometimes you just need to type out your issues….

    Jason Bobich

    Hello Charlie,

    Did you figure out the issue with the Image Sizes plugin specifically? The current version of Akita contains framework v2.1. So, if you’re using the latest version it will work with the Image Sizes plugin. You can verify this by going to Appearance > Theme Options and looking in the footer; here will see the current framework version your theme contains.

    Charlie Harper


    Thank you for the reply. I checked the version and it is currently at 2.0.5.

    Do I simply download the latest zip file from the Themeblvd site and overwrite the Akita directory with the new files to update it? I have not seen a theme update option in the Dashboard like I do with Jumpstart.

    I really appreciate the help as that will open up some options to me.


    Jason Bobich

    Yeah, you just need to download it again from ThemeForest. When you download it from > My Account > Downloads, you’re always getting the latest version. There’s no automatic update system built into your WP admin like I’ve put into Jump Start, which we feed from our own servers.

    Here’s a video that kind of walks you through all that for the ThemeForest themes:

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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