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Additional Images for Icon Shortcodes

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    On the old framework I was able to add new icon images to the “/framework/frontend/assets/images/shortcodes/icons” directory. In the spirit of using a child theme and not modifying the parent theme, do you have a snippet of code to add to my child theme’s functions.php to let it add icons i add to my child themes “/assets/icons/” folder to directly integrate those into the image icon shortcode? Not sure how you have it now, looks like the image icons are included in the shortcode plugin instead of the parent theme.


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    Jason Bobich


    This was honestly never meant to be any kind of feature, but with how I originally setup the shortcode, it happened to allow for this; so I figured it wouldn’t do any harm to tell people this was possible on the live demo.

    I suppose I could add some sort of feature to the new plugin that would allow you to set a folder of icons from your Child theme if you wanted, but I’m thinking it would be a little overkill. It would seem strange to me to have that because all the shortcode does is output the image.

    So, you could just upload your icon through WordPress and put it in like this:

    Seems kind of overkill to do the extra checking and processing of allowing a feature like that when you could just insert your custom icon like that without any shortcode processing.

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