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Adding unwanted paragraph tags

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    Darryl Schmidt

    I am using the Views plugin from WP Toolset ( and it seems that I’m getting unwanted paragraph (p) tags added to my html, messing up my layout.
    I have tested this with an iThemes Builder theme and the 2012 theme and and they are not adding these extra tags.
    Is there a way for me to work around this?
    Views has a “Normal” and a “Raw” output mode and I have it set to Raw already, which should be stripping out line breaks.

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    Jason Bobich


    Are using the Theme Blvd shortcodes plugin? — If so, there may be some sort of conflict with the way the plugin implements the [raw] shortcode and this other plugin you’re using. You can disable this [raw] shortcode by going to Settings > Writing > Theme Blvd Shortcodes in your WordPress admin panel.

    Does that solve the issue?

    Darryl Schmidt

    Thanks much.

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