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Add Media button not working

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    Hi Jason,

    I created a new site and added the new Event Espresso plugin (only real variable for me), and now the Add Media button doesn’t work with Jump Start.

    I have de-activated and removed ALL plugins, reinstalled Jump Start, installed a blank/clean Jump Start child theme from the TB downloads, reinstalled all of WP core.

    The Add Media button still will not work if the Layout Builder and the Widget Areas plugins are activated.

    Have you seen this before? I don’t know if something went wonky with using Event Espresso or what.

    Here’s the site with the Jump Start stretch child theme (no styling) and all the TB plugins active (no other plugins active):

    Add Media button works fine on posts and pages if the Layout and Widget Areas plugin is deactivated. But, I also can’t troubleshoot the Widget Areas very well, because the tabs in the Widget Areas plugin won’t display.

    Anyway, I’ve tried to eliminate as many variables as possible short of a clean install of the database and starting over with the Event Espresso settings. Not sure what went haywire or how to troubleshoot.

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    Jason Bobich

    Hi Angela,

    So, if the Event Espresso plugin is deactivated, do all issues go away? Are you clearing your browser cache after activating/deactivating plugins?

    Jason Bobich

    I’ve had a couple people that have had issues with javascript breaking when editing pages, and it has turned out that it’s due to some plugins they had previously active. With another person, it was just a simple act of updating WordPress from an old version to the latest (like 3.6 to 3.9).

    However, their browsers were caching the compiled combination of scripts. And then thus, by deactivating say the Layout Builder or Widget Areas plugin (which are plugins that add WP-core scripts to the Edit Page screen), it changes the compiled script chain, and then the web browser brings it up as a new javascript file. Then activating the plugins again, puts back the old chain which the browser has cached, making it appear like the plugins are the cause.

    Anyway, long store short; activate all Theme Blvd stuff, clear your browser cache, and see what happens. If everything is now working, then try to add your Espresso plugin again.


    Thanks, Jason! Yes, it finally started working after beating Safari and Firefox with a hammer to get them to shake their caches loose. I had cleared the cache on each of them numerous times and restarted. Firefox would only release the cached javascript after I chose delete EVERYTHING. It wouldn’t release it when I chose to clear Offline Website Data and Cache. Only when I checked all the boxes. Safari finally released it’s cache after I also deleted all browsing history “Remove All Website Data” (not just the cache under Develop > Empty Cache). With both Safari and FF, you really must delete absolutely everything to get them to release those cached Javascript files, so it seems.

    At any rate, the Add Media button and other Javascript buttons in Event Espresso are working again. I’ll let you know if they go away again since it was only after I had deleted EVERYTHING except the TB plugins, that I narrowed it down to a conflict with both the Layout Builder and TB Widget Areas active (and who knows what other JS that was in the browser). Now with the cleared caches, it’s working again with everything activated, so I guess fingers crossed it will keep working. Not sure what Javascript conflict really caused the issue.

    And, yes, I always tell people to clear their browser caches with issues like this, but I guess I need to say, “And hit the browser with a hammer to shake it loose.”

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