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Add Custom Item to Post Meta Info

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    Hi Jason,

    This is kind of not specifically a WP Jumpstart question, but it kind of is.

    How can I add a customized link to the Post Meta output below each post?

    Is there a function that I can add?

    I want to produce something like the below example; just adding my link to the end of the default info that is already there?:

    March 31, 2015 / AuthorName / Category / 5 Comments / (icon) MyCustomLink

    Any way that you can clue me in here?

    I should add that I tried the Theme Blvd String Swap plugin, but could not reproduce the comments link with that. (Is THAT possible?)


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    Jason Bobich


    See the function themeblvd_get_meta() in /framework/includes/parts.php — You’d filter the output of this with filter “themeblvd_meta”, which you can see wrapped around the final HTML returned from the function.

    Or, hook your own custom function to themeblvd_blog_meta action, unhooking default themeblvd_blog_meta_default callback function.

    Or, copy the themeblvd_blog_meta_default, which is the default hooked function, (from /framework/includes/display.php) and edit as pluggable function.


    Thanks Jason as always.

    These three options are slightly out of my range of understanding, but that’s fine.

    I’ll probably just insert a link in the content/content-list templates, and that should do the trick for me this time.

    On another note, I’m so very looking forward to WPJumpstart 2.0 — the demos look amazing!

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