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A few Issues with Swagger

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    Im working on a site and am coming acros a few issues that I cant seem to work out. Any help would be great!

    Link to the site:

    I am trying to make my header image inline but I get different results on different browesers. Do you know how to make it so that its 940px across everywhere?

    Youtube slider:
    I also would like this inline with the rest of the site. Currently the white box is sticking out a bit, 940px

    Mobile Navigation:
    Is it possible to set the position manually for this?

    I am unable to alter the background colour of just the boxes down the center of the page that are currently Light Blue. I can change them through the theme options to certain colours but not one of my choosing (I would like them to be white). Also when I change it through the theme options, it alters the colour of the side boxes.

    I have tried changing various things in Child Theme/custom.css but cant find where to make this change.

    Background Image
    I have added in a custom background image but when displayed, it is repeating itself before the end of the image. As you can see, near the bottom of the home page where the slider with the quotes are, it repeats breaking the look of the background. Is there a way of having just one image cover the whole site?

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    Jason Bobich


    I apologize, but please understand that customer support does not include customizations such as this. Often, if it’s just one thing, I will help to point in the right direction, but this is all just way over the top. All of these things are customizations you’re making to the theme, and you’re asking me to dig through and review your custom work in each instance and tell you how to accomplish each thing.

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