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2 problems need help. 301 redirect issue and visual editor

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    Jason Bobich


    I’m honestly a little confused at a lot of what I’m reading here, but I’m going to do my best to sort through the things you’re trying to explain.


    For some reason 7 pages in this website keep showing up as ‘Malware’ on Bing with a 301 redirect.

    Ok, so I assume we’re talking about the the URL’s you’re listing under “Problem #1” for some reason? This question honestly realistically isn’t going to be something I’ve going to be able to do much for you. Obviously the theme doesn’t come with malware in it. lol… that would just be ridiculous. But I’ll list out my thoughts here.

    1) If you have malware on your site, generally the cause is pretty straight forward. It means someone has compromised your web server and has injected malicious code somewhere into either your WordPress files, one of your plugins, your theme, or some active file on your server in the process of loading your WordPress site. If this is the case, you obviously need to figure out where it’s coming from and maybe look into other web hosting solutions…

    2) I have brought up some of the pages you’re listing, and have looked at the source. I am just skimming with the human eye, but I see no injected code that shouldn’t be there.

    3) I have taken a couple of the pages you’re listing and have run them through the malware tester and they come up with no malware.

    4) I have even checked some of the pages in both the Bing and Google search engines, and there is no message of Malware.

    … So I’m honestly not sure where all this coming from, or if you possibly figured it out and just didn’t bother to update me here.


    I’m running 2.1.5 version of Alyeska and I don’t have a visual editor anymore.

    For some reason, when you uploaded the theme, it looks like you uploaded within two directories like this:

    /wp-content/themes/alyeska/alyeska/ …

    This potentially can cause all kinds of problems with how your WordPress site works. This is my first guess on why your visual editor is broken. The theme is trying to pull the file it uses for the visual editor, it’s not found because your directory structure isn’t correct, you get javascript errors, and so the entire TinyMCE editor breaks. — just a theory.

    Your Alyeska theme should be located in a directory on your server like this:

    /wp-content/themes/alyeska/ …

    And then make sure in your Child theme’s style.css file, you reflect this with a Template parameter of “alyeska” and not “alyeska/alyeska”.



    Problem 1:
    Yeah, I know that there is no malware on the site or in the theme.

    But for some reason those pages seems to come up with 301 redirects. So Sucuri said I should contact you and see if there is something in the theme that could cause that to happen. Because if I take out the custom layout from the builder off on some of those pages, Bing reports couple of those pages as Ok. I’ll try fixing Problem #2 first and see if it helps.

    Problem 2:

    Ok, I’ll get that changed and see what happens. Hopefully that will fix the issue. ^__^ -crosses fingers-

    Thanks for your help!


    On problem 2, I went in and took down the /alyeska/alyeska and put up a clean version then fixed my child theme to point to the new theme. But I’ve still no visual editor in Chrome

    Here’s what I’ve done so far in Chrome:

    Turned off all my plugins, cleared out my browser cache but the visual editor didn’t return.
    Switched to theme Twenty Eleven, and the visual editor appeared.
    However, when I returned to the Alyeska theme it disappeared again.

    Finally figured it out. Although I’m not sure how to fix the problem.

    I decided to change to the IE browser and see if I could see the visual editor there. And I can!
    So, the problem seems to be Chrome with Alyeska.

    I don’t know what could be the issue is but Chrome doesn’t want to let me see the editor in Alyeska.
    Do you have any ideas??

    Jason Bobich

    Send me a link and login info to your admin panel and I’ll check out your issue with the visual editor. You can send this info by going to My Account > Submit Private Info here on the support forum.

    Please respond here in this topic once you’ve done this.


    Hi I’ve sent you the info so you can login. ^__^

    Jason Bobich

    Ok, so the problem is that this file cannot be retrieved of the theme:


    When the TinyMCE editor tries to pull the file, your server returns a 404 error, and so the editor breaks.

    So you need to get on top of what’s happening with that file. This could mean a few things:

    1) The file just doesn’t exist. Maybe you missed it or something when uploading the theme or moving stuff around. So verify that the file is indeed present on your server.

    2) If it is present, possibly you’ve given the file some kind of weird file permissions on your server that doesn’t jive with your server’s security settings. Maybe the file isn’t readable, or possibly as with some server’s configuration, you’ve given it full permissions 777 for some reason and so your server blocks it. — Either way, on most server setups, this file (and realistically every file of the theme) should be permissions 644 with containing directories as 755. This really is the default for everything, so I’m not really sure why you’d have to be messing with any of this, but it happens sometimes when people are doing a lot of messing with files and not keeping this in mind.

    3) Possibly there is some sort of other security related issue on your server blocking the file, like Apache’s mod_sercurity. You can quickly find this out by trying to access the file, and then checking your server’s error log to see why it was not retrieved. — You can also ask your web host support to do this.


    Hi again,

    Ok I’ll look into it and see what I can figure out. However, in Internet Explorer I can see the Visual Editor just fine. It’s only Chrome that doesn’t show me the Visual Editor. If it is a CHMOD issue, then wouldn’t that affect all browsers??

    Jason Bobich

    If it is a CHMOD issue, then wouldn’t that affect all browsers??

    I would think this, as well. But there has to be some reason that file is coming back as a 404.

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