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Reply To: WPML issues with custom homepage layouts


Hi Jason, thanks for your reply.

The above is also still an issue, the theme does not respect scheduled posts (to be published at a date in the future) for the secondary languages. The only way to solve that is to make drafts of the posts, but within Torkel’s user scenario that completely defeats the purpose and brings a lot of extra work for him.
I actually have tested this on one of my own site setups and it works as it should, so perhaps there is something in the Swagger theme or in your theme-blvd-wpml-bridge plugin that does not check whether a published post has a future date (post_status=future)?

Regarding my 2nd point (can I assume that you can confirm my 1st point?):
The default WPML language switcher is set to show on the right sidebar and the problem only manifests itself on the Chapters page, which uses a Custom Layout that calls a post list from the chapters category (again with issue 1 as per my previous post).

When you have a look at the Chapters Page:, please have a look at where the links of the language switcher point to. This should be the German equivalent of that page (, however instead it points to the German chapters category page ( Usually the only time when this happens, is when page-slug and category-slug are exactly the same. However in this case the slugs are completely different, so I am unclear as to where this is coming from.

I am inclined to physically add the language switcher to the sidebar (i.e. hard code it in the template files), but as I don’t know your theme I am not sure from where the sidebars are called. I found swagger/framework/api/sidebars.php; would it be possible to hook into that function from the functions file of the child theme?