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Reply To: WPML issues with custom homepage layouts

Jason Bobich

But instead all languages do not show for all pages on the user end and some posts that are scheduled to be published later are showing in German and Swedish, which is incorrect. In English the posts scheduled for later publication are not showing (i.e. correct function).

Ok, so we’re on to completely new issues now? And we’re not talking about this any more (above quote)?

I will look into these things tomorrow.

2. the WPML frontend language switcher does not point to the correct content of the other languages. For example when I am on a Page, the WPML language switcher points to a category.

But can you first expand on this a little? I’m not quite sure I understand the issue or what context you mean on the website. Can you show me a live link or a screenshot? Are you referring to a WPML-built language switcher or one from my plugin? This happens on all pages? Languages switchers point to categories opposed to translated content of whatever page?