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Reply To: WPML flag in header area

Jason Bobich

Please keep in mind that support doesn’t include customizations.

The function that outputs the social icons is called alyeska_header_addon found in /includes/theme-functions.php and hooked to “themeblvd_header_addon”. Here’s how to edit theme function from your Child theme:

And here’s how the hook system is setup:

However, I can say with pretty absolute certainty there is no bug with saving the theme options from the WPML Bridge plugin. You just need to be using the latest version of the theme and the latest version of the plugin. Which version of the theme are you currently using?

Note: Keep in mind if you’ve been making edits directly to theme files and not properly from a Child theme, you’re going to have trouble ever updating your theme, which will obviously lead to many problems in the long run. Never make edits directly to the Parent theme, no matter what.