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Reply To: WPML Can't Translate Custom Layout Elements?


Thanks, I have checked out this site and installed the plugin but still need major help. I bought Alyeska and WPML together because I need to translate this page into 9 languages for my international clients.

I now have a unique “Italian homepage layout” for my Italian “Home,” and (when Appearances->Reading set to Latest Posts, not Static Page) the Italian “Home” indeed shows me the slider-slogan-content layout that I custom built for “Italian homepage layout.” But the elements below the slider have no text currently, and I don’t see how to send the elements from “English homepage layout” to my Italian translator (me, as subscriber with another WP username). This is the main problem — on the Translation Management page I can send the “English homepage layout,” but when I log in as the dummy Italian translator all I see is this screenshot. At the very least there should be the slogan text there for the Italian translator to edit in Italian.


What’s more, with Appearances->Reading set to Latest Posts, the English homepage layout that I created, with the slogan element and the content (existing) element, does not appear. I don’t see how I can go back and forth between the English “Home” and the Italian “Home” and see this custom layout (which I made to look the same) — much less with the text translated properly… When Reading->Latest Posts, I can sort of see it in Italian; and when Reading->Static (Home), I can see it in English.

I only have one necessary custom layout and need to get this done to translate my homepage. I understand ThemeBlvd may be new to WPML support, but I am totally new to all this and just dropped $130 combined on Alyeska and ThemeBlvd. Please help! Thanks.